Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scrap recipes: motion capture

Going through my albums, I noticed that I have a soft spot for scrapping people in motion. I like to incorporate several pictures from the same movement creating a sort of animated layout. You can see an example below of my son walking in the woods. All the pictures were taken with the same settings and you can really feel him coming towards you. In this case, the pictures tell the full story because he was one and a half at that time and had been walking for a couple of months only. So the idea was to show how he managed to keep his balance on a challenging surface (uneven and covered with leaves). You will notice that in this particular case, all the pictures have the same size.

Now look at the same boy one year later running in the stairs! Whaou… Where is my baby gone?

Another nice trick is to have several small pictures of the motion and one bigger one (to contrast even more, you could make the small one b&w and the big one full color - or the opposite). That allows you to showcase the best picture of the shooting without losing the funny ones (you know the one with faces or your cat showing up in the background), after all they are probably the pictures you will like the most in a couple of years simply because they are sooooo your everyday life.

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