Thursday, November 24, 2011

And so I wait...

I discovered the Project Life concept early this year thanks to Ali Edwards’ blog ( At first I did not grasp the concept. I thought: “if all the design part is done for me, what’s the point?” I like the scrap part of scrapbooking: cutting, pasting, painting… But over the last spring, while in maternity leave, I realized that although I was short of time to sit and scrap in a crafty way, I still wanted some way to record all the little details of our life. Being back at work full time, with one kid in kindergarten and the second at the day care, I have even less time at hands. That is why I finally realized how much I could benefit from the Project Life. Looking at what some people do with it, I realized that it would allow me to have best of both worlds: have my stories told AND when time is available do the crafty layouts without worrying all the time about how I could possibly tell such and such story. So all is good… Well kind of… There is one problem: I live in Belgium and we are still waiting for the products to be available for Europe. I have been waiting for months now. I see the products available in the States and I am drooling all over, checking every bit of news that I could get on when they will finally be on There is no doubt in my mind about which kit I want: I am in love with the Turquoise kit.

The tricky part will be to decide on the page protectors. I like the idea of doing all with the design A, to simplify the process.

But on the other hand, I would also like to have some options… so, I am currently thinking of adding these two other designs to my order: I have already set a budget for that, so it might depend on the final price tag for Europe. But for now, let’s dream about the possibilities!

If you have never heard about Project Life, start here at the source ( ), from there, you can discover a huge community for inspiration. I hope to add my contribution in French soon!

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