Friday, April 26, 2013

My space

I used to dream about having a room dedicated to craft. Well, to be honest, I still dream about it, but even if our house would allow it, I should think twice about it. You see, I am a solitary kind of person. I love being left alone in my nest. And this has been aggravated by the arrival of my kids. I love them, but I feel that my space and time has been invaded, I crave being alone and crafting. So if I had such a "studio", I know for a fact that I would either spend far too much time there or that I would feel frustrated not being able to spend more time in it. Well, actually I think I would do both!!!
Just like I know that if we had a TV in the house I would watch it far too much. 

I currently share an "office space" in the corner of our living room with my sweet husband. 
So let’s start the tour… It won’t take long ;o)

I have most of my supplies at hand. I could not yet find a way to keep my sewing machine accessible, and it's a pity because I would like to use it more for scrapping. Still brainstorming about that part. Under the desk, there is a a cabinet with three drawers holding all my pens, crayons, rullers...

The second one is all about stamping...

And the last one... well, a bit of everything else!

In the closet being my desk, I have big boxes to keep on going projects, PL supplies and embellishments.

Last but not least, I have a very nice old wood box with drawers inherited from my husband grand-mother that is just perfect for all my paper. But this one sits in another part of the living room.

I find that this space is working well for me right now. I like the fact that:

  • I do have to clean up the table on a regular basis. I will not pretend that I do it every time I scrap, but at least once a week for cleaning the room.
  • I have little storage available so I am very selective on what supplies make it to the cart or not. I am in an on-going sorting process but to be honest, it is difficult to let go of items you paid for at one point. The work-around that I found is to set these items aside for the kids to experiment with when they are a bit older.
  • I can be with my husband while I scrap. He would either come and go in the living room or work on the laptop next to me.

When the kids will be older, I dream of spending time crafting "next" to them. But, now is not yet the season of crafting while they are awake because we need to spend time together when at home. I know this will come someday, and I dream about crafty afternoons where each of us would experiment, play and have fun at this big desk.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

PL update

 Playing catch-up last week after receiving 5 weeks’ worth of pictures. I love getting my prints... It is always nice to reflect back on the past month or two and see all the blessings in my life. Looking at their smile, their face, this is just what I need these days. 
As you will see, there is very little journaling. I was busy studying for an anatomy exam and kept PL on back burner, just making sure I sorted and edited pictures on a weekly basis. I am trying to “embellish” pages a bit, but it is not a priority this time around. I prefer to concentrate on journaling what is going on right now. 

I noticed that although I love this project, I am feeling less motivated lately, this is a sign that I need to bring back some fun into it… Some thoughts I have about that:

I would love to get my pictures printed on a weekly basis. Having a PL “date” to play every week would be lovely, but I don’t see that happening due to the cost of shipping. 
I am thinking about keeping one slot each week for creative fun. Could be any size. Could be a picture edited with brushes or mask. Could be ink, stamp, paint, ribbons, embossing…

There are some designs that I really do not like in the Cobalt edition. I chose it because the new designs would not make it to Europe by January and I did not want the backlog. Plus I found most of the designs fun and liked the colors, but some cards are just not for me. So I will create my own to replace them. For example, I absolutely need to remove the 4x6 that opens the week below...

I also need to focus a bit less on the kids and tell a bit more about Laurent, about me and about our couple. But this is a general trend: I need to find myself again as a woman and as a wife. Being a mum is very rewarding but I must be careful of not getting lost in this role. 
I can see some trends in my PL that are just reflection of my life right now: I need more fun.