Friday, March 8, 2013

Crafting with small kids

I love crafting... I love spending time with my kids... So what could be better that crafting with them? Well, to be honest, the truth is less glamorous than what I envisioned while expecting! My little ones are 4 and 2 years old and I have to accept that:

  • they have different center of interest (one likes to cut, the other one to paint) 
  • they make a mess (and for them it's part of the fun)
  •  they don't follow the guidance
  • they don't care about the final result
  • they will stop when they feel like it

In other words, I have to come at peace with the fact that the craft will most probably not look like the original concept. I know it is the time spent together that counts, but I just can't help correcting them to make it look right! I promise I am working hard at it... 

But all this does not prevent me for planning craft sessions at home. I love to get ideas from Kiwi Crate. I am not affiliated (they do not deliver in Europe, and if they were, I assume the cost of shipping would be ridiculously high), but I love grabbing ideas from their studio, especially when they use a very limited number of supplies.

Among the various tentatives, there have been three big hits (pictures are our chef-d'oeuvre, link is sending you to the original article):

the rocket: I am an aerospace engineer... I just could not resist this one. It is still stored in the living room and from time to time, they ask their dad for a ride!

the basket: we do not celebrate Halloween, but we made these basket for an autumn walk in the park. I listed some stuff to find (5 leaves of different shape, 2 round rocks, 1 snail...) and a simple walk in the park became a treasure hunt. Super easy. The basket themselves were a bit tricky to make, but we got them right in the end. I could not find pictures...

the pipe cleaner: I never though they could have so much fun with so little... Plus I am amazed at the dexterity of my sweet Cécile (the youngest one). She is so proud to do just like her brother.

It's worth the mess... At least I think so now that they are both in bed and the living room is clean!

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