Friday, January 25, 2013

Journal or not journal?

I am very fond of documenting our everyday life. I do my best to record small and big stories of our family. Since starting Project Life, I feel much more on top of this goal and more relaxed when I decide to take time to sit down and do a “full lay-out”. The creative scrapbooking is now again just that: creative. Although I gave up on experimenting with all the new techniques that keep showing up for lack of time and resources, I can still play with my basics: paper, scissors, glue and stamps. My hands are leading the way, time flies by, I am in the zone… And this is all I ask for these days: a small escape, a bubble of me-time, a creative outlet.

This layout has been done start to finish within a nap-time (ok, it was a long 1h30 nap for the oldest one, thanks to a swimming lesson in the morning ;0). 

So when the pictures are enough to tell a story, or when I am happy with my page and am afraid that adding text will damage the result, then I say to myself: you do not HAVE TO journal. Well, I know this goes against most of the scrapbooking gurus’ rules… Guess I can live with that!

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